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Month: January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

So I have been wondering why the New Year brings so many resolutions to do better, exercise more, join a gym, be more spiritual, and try to read more books…… The list is long and can go on forever. We all do it and maybe someone has a fantasy life where there are no distractions from these goals, but not this guy! We moved last year and I am still trying to sift through boxes and get stuff organized. Our son started kindergarten in August, we opened a new business in late October/ early November, we have our younger son hitting terrible 2’s early… My list of excuses is endless too, but I won’t go into that can of worms. But, still there are good intentions to be better this year than I was last year. But I have started out by actually doing something and keeping up with it and expanding it a little at a time. I can’t do a 5 minute plank, but I can stick it out to 1 minute 30 seconds a couple of times a day.

Why do we think that a new year will change so many things? New years are just extensions of last year and maybe just because there was no getting over sickness in my home over the holidays and we basically missed everything, I missed out on something. In retrospect, I get to look back over an amazing year with many challenges that we overcame. And the fact that we rose above those challenges makes me think that there will be new challenges this year (the aforementioned terrible 2’s), but the view from the top is going to be great. We want this view, but we’re scared of what it takes to get there; the road to the top is paved by change.

Change; the change is what we’re scared of! The unknown is a scary thing and the world throws huge kinks in our plans. Moving is a hard process as many things have changed when we moved. Our Christmas traditions were totally screwed up and we would have been more exhausted from the traveling and gift-giving had we been able to make it to all of our gatherings. I would venture that we would have been more tired now if we hadn’t been sick. The Great Indoors is a great TV show that illustrates this. The main character is a former adventure magazine adventurer who has to come home to be the boss of a group of millennials who have never stepped foot in the great outdoors. He has to deal with the world changing to the technological bent that it is now and they do a good job telling the story of how we are all dealing with the new gadgets in our life. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been addicted to certain things on the internet. I shut my Facebook site down a few years ago just to quit looking at what others were doing. Since I got my new smart phone in May last year, I have not put it down hardly a day since then. They make it so easy to get addicted to apps and games. I downloaded a game to occupy time over the sick period with the family (an outdoor survival game). I’ve already been scolded about playing it too much.

So what does change have to do with me now? I have no idea. Will our new business take off this year? No clue. I hope it does and have great enthusiasm that we can make a difference in our community by being open and offering our services. Is it scary? Yes, yes, yes!!!!! We took a leap coming here, but I believe that the view from our mountain top will be magnificent. And I have my family with me, even if we drive each other to make scary sounds and then laugh at each other.


With superheroes like these running around protecting us from the bad things in our lives, who needs to be scared of anything? Happy New year!