5 Reasons We MUST Pay Attention to the Small Things

5 Reasons We MUST Pay Attention to the Small Things

I’ll let you decide which one is Alpha and which is submissive in our relationship! But you all know who is REALLY in charge!

Wolves fighting
Wolves fighting

Small details can make things go so much smoother. For example, it’s not impossible to be without a hot dog roasting stick when the woods are full of sticks, but it makes the ride a lot quieter if you don’t forget to pack them and don’t remember 200 miles from home and say UH-Oh out loud. Yeah that was me on this last trip! Lesson learned! But here are some more examples from our other adventures.
1. Small details can add up in a hurry
– So I have done a lot of odd jobs getting more flexible hours so I can be with my family. The most recent was working at a carwash. I can’t believe the amounts of pennies that I will find lying around the vacuum areas, in the wash bays themselves or just on the ground period. And not just pennies, I found a bag full of quarters around the wash once. People must forget where they drop the bag and then figure that no one is going to pick them up until they come back looking for them four days later. I collected these and granted, I’m not raking in big bucks, but how does an extra $30-40 a month add up? $30 times 12 months = $360 How many things can you do with that extra cash?

2. Small details provide opportunities to explain life to your kids
– Eli and I made the cardinal mistake of catching crawdads and mud guppies (sculpins) one day at the river.


This little guy and his friends made it a lovely day for the critter getter and for showing him how things live together. Raccoons made it possible later that night and the next morning to explain the importance of food in the wild and how they LOVE a free meal left in a critter getter. It was almost impossible to get the lid off for me, but somehow the little buggers did it and made off with everything that was in there. Important note, the next batch we caught went back into the creek before we left to give the little thieves some harder work to get the next night’s meal!
3. Small Details can trip you up
– Have you ever seen a guy line on your tent as your feet are over your head and you are eye level with the ground? A little detail like a small line connecting your tent to the ground can be a life saver when the wind and rains of a storm are blowing and trying to tear down your tent with their force. They can ruin a trip as well as the storm if you fall and crack your skull on a rock. Even small falls can lead to back pain, neck pain, and overall discomfort which can make you a grouch ie) everyone else can hate having you there.

4. Small details make life more beautiful
– Have you ever been on a long hike through the forest and it is hot and brown everywhere you look? Then, shining through the blah is a tiny flowerflower on forest floor and it seems to draw your attention for a minute and lets you believe that everything is not going to dry up and die under the canopy today, namely me. Little things count so much that in our busy rush schedule, even if we take the time to slow down and hike, sometimes we miss the most beautiful little things. Slow down and smelling roses is a part of my daily routine when they bloom. They just refresh me.
5. Small details keep things running the right way
– Have you ever left the switch on for the car lights when you are desperately searching for some little item you know you packed before the trip and it must’ve fallen out of your bag and you have to have it to go to sleep? What happens the next morning when you have decided to cut the trip short a day and the car won’t start? I’ll tell you what happens. The trip gets very frustrating very quickly. Small things like flipping switches, changing oil in the car, making sure you have dry matches all can make or break adventurers and they are small details that shouldn’t matter all that much but in that moment, they do.

As you can see, the small details in life are the most profound in certain situations. Usually, I’m not a fan of nit-picking and behaviors that see all the little things that I have missed. That’s why Jenny and I have had some pretty good fights. But, I have learned that little things are great motivators to get life back on track, to have discipline in your schedule, and to see the value in the people around you. Pick out small details and focus on them. They could be as small as leaving a note that says I love you in a lunch box or on the counter for your spouse to see. It could be a small paper clip that holds your son’s favorite motorcycle toy together after he’s broken it. Focus on something that seems small to you, but can have a huge impact on another person. You won’t regret doing it!

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