Change is good… right?!

Change is good… right?!

It’s been a while since I posted here, mainly because I’ve been so busy dealing with LOTS of changes going on.  I posted back in March (see “Living Simply, not Simply Living”) about our desire to simplify our lifestyle.  In doing so, we put our 19 acre farm, 2400 square foot home on the market and sold it within 12 days!  We bought our new house 2 days later!!  And yes, to answer your question, we did drastically downsize.



Our new home (for our family of 4) is now 1500 square feet, corner lot of .28 acre.  Am I ready for this?  Yes and No.  Am I excited for what opportunities this presents us?  SURE!  Do I know if I’ll survive in a small house with two VERY active little boys?  Probably won’t.  If I don’t blog anymore, you know the little hooligans have driven me to my doom.

This move also allows us to plant our family in a new town about an hour from our current home.  It is near our most favorite spot in the world, near a River/State Park/National Forest.  For outdoor enthusiasts such as us, this is a dream come true!!  To be able to hike whenever we want, go fishing any day of the week…. This is amazing!

It is still hard to purge and declutter our life to fit into our new accommodations but it’s getting slightly easier.  I think our mindset has changed.  We look at everything now with a new perspective of whether it is necessary and/or will make our life better/easier/efficient.

Each item we purge and each box we pack is one step closer to achieving our dream and that is what keeps us excited for the future!

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