Changing times

Changing times

Are the times really changing, or are our lives so different now that we expect more? Do we deserve more than what we can pay for?

IndexI’m sure that in 1905, the tent city was the swankiest accommodations in the area for common people. The tents are right on the beach and have some of the best access, but do you think that people would do this now? No, now the prominence is on the hotel, but notice in the background. The Hotel is there, but how full was it then with all of the tents in the foreground? Chances are that it was full, but not running over with customers of the average nature. What is the make-up of its clientele now?

Attitudes have changed drastically since 1905. There was so much expansion going on at the turn of the century. Industrialization had made travel on large scale possible. The nation was changing its attitudes about conservation versus using our lands for all the new industries that were spreading. (See Admirers vs Users)  We are in much the same types of situations, we just haven’t realized it. We are still trying to find out who we are in relation to our planet; we are trying harder to live together in smaller spaces. Some of our population seems to be going off the deep end, while some of the most radical elements of society are willing to cause serious harm to prove their points.

We all cohabitate this space called Earth. A forest can exist near a river, a swamp near oceans and so on. We can live together in peace, knowing that our God made the world to live in harmony, so can we. We may need to adjust our attitudes of expecting so much down to what we need.

Find out what you need versus what you think you deserve today!