Throwback Thursday – 2007

Throwback Thursday – 2007

Rain, flooding, a sweet-toothed raccoon and a tornado….

Ever had something really bad happen and someone says to you “someday you’ll laugh about this”?  Well, that would be this story. And yes, we CAN laugh about it now!

It was September, Labor Day weekend at Roaring River, 2007. Sam and I were supposed to be on vacation and celebrating our birthdays (Sept. 1st and 4th). We pre-paid for 3 nights of camping (non-refundable). However, we had no more set up our tent before the rain started. Did that stop us? No. In fact, it helped the fish bite and Sam had a great time fishing that afternoon!




Then it rained and rained and rained. The river was moving closer to the tent by the second day. Did that stop us? Not yet!



Then, during our second night there we were woke by a horrible sound. Have you heard what a mad racoon sounds like when it invades camp?!?! It’s scary… just sayin’! So, we aren’t sleeping well anyway – we’re wet, cold and frazzled – AND THEN, we have a man shake our tent at 2 am in the morning and tells us to IMMEDIATELY drive to the park lodge to take shelter from a tornado which was headed directly for the valley we were in.

Did this stop us? Yes. Yes, it did.

We rode out the rest of the night on a couch in the lodge. Come first sunrise, we returned to our tent to find the racoon ate nothing but the ENTIRE bag of marshmallows and EVERYTHING soaked. We didn’t even bother to pack the correct way… we just pulled up tent stakes and threw tent and gear in the truck and left.

Things we learned:

1. Anything can happen!

2. Don’t pre-pay. There is a good chance you won’t get a refund in event of an emergency.

3. Raccoons like marshmallows. They have crazy nimble paws. And protect your coolers.


What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you? Please share, we’d love to hear it!

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