To Live Simply, not Simply Live

To Live Simply, not Simply Live

For a while now, probably since Sam originally quit his job of 17 years at Midwest Ag back in February of 2013, we’ve been searching for “contentment” in our family.  Contentment in jobs, contentment in adoption/foster care/private adoption, contentment in our home and possessions… the list goes on.  We knew the direction we thought we wanted to go but it just never felt quite right.  We believe now that God was quietly working on our hearts to see a greater good.  In this past year, God has put some light to this in front of us, starting with me reading Jen Hatmaker’s book “7” (which talks about simplifying your life in 7 areas… super read!!! I’ve actually read it twice now).  Sam has had 4 jobs in 3 years, each one resulting in a pay cut; however, we have found that we aren’t hurting and we find more priority in his job being flexible and family-oriented, than in the amount of money he makes. Then, last month, while on a family day at Roaring River, we just so happened to meet an amazing family of 8 who had recently sold everything they owned, bought an RV and are traveling the U.S. to live a simple, contented lifestyle.  While I don’t want to go that extreme, we both agreed that SIMPLICITY is what we are craving.  We want to be completely debt free (even mortgage) so that we can live life and work, not work to live.  We want to live a life that is not so bogged down with clubs and commitments that we leave no time for spontaneous fellowship with friends, family and/or strangers.  I feel like we (and society in general) is missing out on so much by trying to have/do it all.

Therefore, we have started downsizing.  We are selling/giving away stuff we don’t need and the excess we are finding we still have makes us sick.  What we think we need to keep (for now) is being put in a storage unit, which is almost full already.  We sometimes think we don’t have enough, and yet, we have way too much.  This is the attitude in today’s society which we want to counteract in our children.  We want to show them, by example, that you don’t need materialism to make you happy.  In fact, some of the happiest people have the least stuff.

This is a journey which we do not have figured out yet, but I think it’s something that is going to make a HUGE and lasting impact on our family, our lives and our future.  We’re excited and nervous (ok, a little scared) but ready to see what is out there when we let go of our stuff long enough to give God control.

**to read about my new friend, Krista, and her family’s journey, go to

  • I’m about to drastically downsize and buy a motorhome to live simply and share my love of cooking and travel. I hope to be an extreme benefit to all the communities I encounter. Love your blog!

    • Jenny Madsen

      Thank you for your response, Terra! I’ll happily add your blog to those I follow. Best wishes in your travels/adventures to come!


      Thanks for commenting Terra, we love hearing feedback. Keep in touch, we’d love to hear about your travels!

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