Why Didn’t I think of That? Camping Tips You could Have Easily Thought Of.

Why Didn’t I think of That? Camping Tips You could Have Easily Thought Of.


There are so many things that are produced for camping and being in the outdoors. Coleman has a plethora of new devices every time I go into the Outlet store. But how do “they” come up with such simple things? Easy, “they” think about a problem and try to come up with a solution instead of complaining about it. So let’s take a look at some of the useful products, shall we!

Old Lantern  

  1. The first thing that you need is a Frogg Toggs Chilly pad. This one invention has been the key to our success hiking and the, “Duh, why didn’t I bring the chilly pad!” moments when we’ve forgotten them. They are amazingly cool and all they need is dipped into water and they’ll re-cool instantly. It’s just like our sweat keeps us cool, why didn’t I think of this?
  2. A gear loft in a tent or bags for your keys and wallet in a tent. How many times do I kick off my shoes to go back into the tent and dig for my keys? Now that we have a tent with bags specifically for them, never! And everyone is trying to dry their socks in a gear loft, but the tent we have has a place to hang a flashlight, great for trying to get into a moving air mattress.
  3. The plastic tote! As avid campers as we are, we learned a long time ago that keeping our gear in a safe container made sense for storage as much as for transporting. But whoever came up with the tote was a genius. Lightweight and durable, a great alternative to the heavy, wooden boxes I lugged around for youth fairs and they are no fun if they smash a toe.
  4. I know there are hundreds of posts and pins about spices in Tic-Tac containers, but Coleman has a salt and pepper shaker that is the size of a Tic-Tac container. Split in the middle, it is the coolest do-dad I’ve been given, hands-down ever.
  5. The multi-tool Spork. I found one of these a long time ago and love using it on my guys-only trips, Jen doesn’t like it but we usually eat out of the pans we cook with and do ok for ourselves without the women-folk on these trips. But with the added bonus tools, this thing can definitely make a camping trip more enjoyable (less dishes to do) or ruin it if you forget it.
  6. EZ Up Canopy!!! This is one of the greatest things. It’s just what it says, super EZ to put Up. It can take a little work by yourself, at least on ours due to age and weathering of storms that have bent the legs a little, but it is still the fastest way to put shade over the eating and cooking area. Ours even came with wheels on the storage bag, making it even easier to roll out of the truck and directly where you want to set it up.

These are just a few of the things that we use to make our camping expeditions a little better, there are hundreds out there. If you have a cool do-hickey that you’ve concocted or found that you couldn’t live without on your camping excursions, let us know. You never know what will work until you try!! Have fun camping!

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